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Light Infantry - Obituaries - 1993 to 2000

Clifford Walker - died 18th. February 2000, aged 51yrs. He enlisted into the KOYLI in 1965 and following training was posted to 1 KOYLI. He saw service in Berlin and Northern Ireland and was serving in 2 LI. when he retired from the army in 1978.( There is no rank given in Silver Bugle )

Nicholas Fraser, Pte. - died May 1999 after sustaining a head injury in a fall whilst at home on leave. ( date or age not given in Silver Bugle ) After completing a degree, he enlisted into the LI. and following training he was posted to 1 LI. in Cyprus where he joined D Coy. Whilst serving in Cyprus he was able to complete several adventurous training courses, as well as taking part in a full raft of IS Duties and Exercise Saffron Sands in Jordan.

S.A. ( Ted ) Moulding - died 6th March 1999. ( age not given in Silver bugle ) He died suddenly at home in Tidworth. Enlisted into the LI. on 10th. May 1971 and following training was posted to the 2nd. Bn. at Colchester were he joined B Coy. A year later he was posted to the Anti Tank Pl. Support Coy. and remained with the Pl. until 1976. He moved to the MT Pl. whilst the Bn. was serving in Lemgo and was later promoted to Sgt within the Pl. He remained in the MT Pl. until 1989 when he then became the Families Sgt. at Tidworth, a post he held until 1991 when he went to JCU ( NI ) and remained in post until his discharge in 1993. This was his only posting away from the Bn. in his 22yrs. service. He had served in West Germany, Kenya, Gibraltar and the UK including several tours in Northern Ireland. He retired with the rank of Sgt.

John Stanley Rann - WO2. died 24th. January 1999.( age not given in Silver Bugle ) His tragic death came about as a result of a Diving accident whilst serving in Cyprus in 1LI.

Michael John Evans - Bandmaster - died 12th. August 1998 in the Shropshire and Mid-Wales Hospice from cancer, aged 55yrs. He enlisted into the Royal Sussex Regt. in 1966 and continued his military music career in 3 Queens and then in the LI. after transferring to 3 LI. in 1974. His exceptional musical talent had been recognised at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, where he served as BSM from 1971-74. As Bandmaster of 3 LI. between 1974 and 1981 he was on operational tours of duty in Cyprus, Kenya, Germany and Northern Ireland. From 1982-86 he was Bandmaster at the Regt. and then Light Div. Depot in Shrewsbury. His final regular army appointment was Bandmaster of the Army Junior School of Music at Bovington from 1986-88. After a distinguished military musical career during which he was awarded the GSM (Northern Ireland) Queen's Jubilee Medal and LS & GC Medal he enlisted in the TA and became Bandmaster of 5 LI (V) Bligny Band

David Gilbert George Heighway L/Cpl. - died April 1998. (neither date or age given in Silver Bugle) He enlisted into the KSLI in 1961 and following training was posted to 1 KSLI with whom he served in Munster, Plymouth, British Honduras and Singapore and then with 3 LI. in Malaysia UK and Cyprus. He retired from the regular army in 1972 and then went on to serve in the TA (5 LI ) until December 1993.

Raymond Palfreyman - died 30th. January 1998 aged 60yrs. He enlisted in December 1959 and was posted following training to 1 KOYLI. Between 1960 and vesting day he saw service with the Bn. in BAOR, Malaya, Borneo and Aden. When the Bn. became 2 LI. he completed a further tour of Germany this time in Berlin. He retired from the army in 1968. His rank at the time he left is not given.

Mick Belsom - died 1997 - 1LI Recce platoon passed away in Cornwall 1997, all the best love his wife, daughters and grandchildren. If anyone has any photos of him and pals would love it if they could put them here so we can see them thanks. - Pat Belsom

Col. Michael McBain - died December 1997 aged 67yrs. from cancer. He was educated at Richmond School, Yorkshire and the RMA Sandhurst. He was commissioned into the DLI. in February 1951 and joined the Bn. in Berlin and serving with them in Korea and Egypt. From February 1956 to August 1959 he was seconded to the Royal Malay Regt. returning to England to become Adjutant of the 8th (TA) Bn.DLI in Durham. He later returned to 1 DLI in Borneo as a Coy. Commander and then later he became 2 i/c of 1 LI.

These postings were interspersed with various staff appointments in BAOR and HQ Command JUT. In October 1973 he was promoted to Lt.Col. and appointed to Command the Northumbrian Volunteers (TA) and later formed 7 LI (V)
In 1976 he was appointed Colonel (TA) HQ North East District and subsequently appointed ADC (TA) to the Queen. His appointment as Deputy Secretary NE TAVRA brought him back to Durham where his TA experience rounded off a lifetime of military service.

Alan England - died 1997 aged 54yrs ( date of death not given in Silver Bugle ) He enlisted into the KSLI in 1964 and following training was posted to and served in 1 KSLI and a latterly with 3 LI. He saw service in Munster, Minden, Singapore, Malaysia and Cyprus. He also took part in 5 operational tours of duty in Northern Ireland. He retired from the army in 1978. His rank at the time he left is not given.

Roger Beavan - died 31st. January 1997 from cancer. ( age not given in Silver Bugle ) He was a former Bugle Major. He enlisted initially into the RAF, then the Parachute Regt. before transferring to 1 KSLI in the early 1960's. He served in 1 KSLI and then 3 LI. in a series of overseas postings which included British Honduras, Singapore, Malaysia and Mauritius. After a brief period with 1 LI. he transferred to the ACIO in Hereford where he recruited successfully for the Regt. from 1969-1976.

Larry David Merchant, C/Sgt. - died 5th September 1996, aged 37yrs. Enlisted into the army as a junior leader on 21st. August 1975. On completion of his basic training he was posted to 2 LI. in Lemgo, West Germany. He also saw service in Kenya, Canada, America, Gibraltar and seven tours of duty in Northern Ireland. In the twenty years he spent in the Regt. he served initially in a rifle company and the following promotions to the rank of Sgt and then CSgt. he worked within the administrative side of the Bn. as the Clothing Sgt. Officers Mess Manager and Accommodation SNCO. He was an extremely popular member of the Bn. and will be sadly missed by everyone.

Mark ( Cozy ) Powell, Sgt. - died 16th. September 1994, aged 34yrs. His death resulted from a fatal gun shot wound whilst serving in BATUS, Canada. Born in Weston-Super- Mare he enlisted into LI .in August 1976 and following training was posted to 1 LI. He served in 1 LI. for most of his career including several tours in Northern Ireland. He attended many Infantry courses and by June 1993 had reached the rank of Sgt. His main strength was in gunnery which led him to serving 2yrs. at Lulworth as a gunnery instructor. He joined 2 LI. after the merger and worked in the gunnery wing, where he ran regular cadres and many soldiers have gained from the knowledge and experience he has passed on to them. He was buried at the Aldershot Military Cemetary by a Burial Party from 2 LI. and a Firing Party from 1 LI. A Memorial Service was held on Monday 17th. October 1994 by the Bn. at which his wife was present.

Maj.Gen. Peter F.A. Sibbald CB OBE - died 5th. July 1994 aged 66yrs. He was commissioned into the KOYLI.on 15th. July 1948. He was one of two officers to be commissioned into the KOYLI at this time, who were the first post-war Sandhurst officers to join the Regt. He joined the 1st. Bn. in Malaya as a Plt. commander and was recorded with a mention in despatches in 1951. After returning to England and a spell in Germany he went to Korea as a Staff Captain in 29 Brigade. When he later rejoined his Bn. it was on anti-Mau Mau operations in Kenya, and he became 2 I/C of B Coy. From 1955-57 he was an instructor at the School of Infantry in Hythe. This was a post in which he developed his interest in infantry weapons.

He married in 1957 and later took over as Adjutant of the Bn. which was now stationed in Germany. It was here that the Bn. celebrated the bi-centenary of the Battle of Minden and as Adjutant, reluctently, he mounted a horse for the parade. In 1961 he graduated from Staff College and became Brigade Major of 151 Brigade (TA) at Yarm. This was followed by JSSC before again rejoining the 1st. Bn. as OC D Tidworth and Aden. From 1966-68 he was GS02 in Singapore. He moved from there to become Commanding Officer of 2 LI. in Berlin and Colchester. In 1970, during his period of command he was appointed OBE. In 1972 he was appointed Col. GS at HQ BAOR but was soon promoted again to command 51 Brigade in Hong Kong. He returned to England in 1974 as Divisional Brigadier, the Light Div. Winchester. On promotion to Maj.Gen. he took over as GOC NW District and from 1980 until his retirement was Director of Infantry. During this time he was heavily involved in a major re-organisation and re-equipment programme for the Infantry. This included the design and procurement of the new fleet of APC's, consisting of both tracked and wheeled vehicles.
From 1977-80 he was the Deputy Colonel (Yorkshire) this was folowed by becoming from 1980-83 the Colonel Commandant of the Light Division.

Capt. John Michael Kilburn - died 22nd. November 1993, aged 53yrs, cause of death heart attack. He enlisted into the KOYLI in 1958 as a Pte. When the Bn. was stationed in Malaya he had by this time been promoted to Cpl. In 1968 he had risen to the rank of Sgt. and was serving in A Coy. After Berlin he was posted to the Jnr.Infantry Battalion at Shorncliffe. In 1971 he returned to the Bn. which after vesting day had become 2 LI. In 1973 he was promoted to WO2 and following a spell as RQMS in 2 LI. he was posted in 1977 to the Regt. Depot as the RSM and in the same year he was awarded his LS & GC medal. In 1979 he was posted to Sandhurst and on retirement he moved to 7 LI. When a vacancy arose he was commissioned as the Capt. (QM) of 223 Field Ambulance in Newton Aycliffe, he was still serving as such at the time of his death.

Col. John Patrick St Clair Ballenden, OBE MC. - died 15th. June 1993 aged 64yrs. He died aboard his yacht off the French coast. He was commissioned into the KSLI and won his MC in Korea. As a Lt. aged 22yrs, he led a Pltn. of A Coy 1 KSLI up the steep, densely wooded slopes of Hill 227 at Kowang San to help capture a Chinese position at the top. Despite being wounded in the arm 50yds from the summit, he pressed on with his men, supported by a lone Centurion tank, while stick grenades rained down on them from above. His arm was broken after being hit a second time.
His citation referred to his 'personal bravery and coolness which were an insperation to his men and were in the highest traditions of service'. He continued to serve in British Honduras, Malaya, Mauritius, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and West Germany over 30yrs. He also spent 3yrs in the late 50's in the Army's Glider Pilot Regt. He was the last CO of the KSLI ( and briefly the youngest CO in the British Army ) and the 1st. CO of 3 LI. In the same year he took 3 LI. to Mauritius when it not only put down race riots ( Muslim versus Creoles ) but won the the Wilkinson Sword of Peace for hearts and minds operations among the local people. Then in 1969 shortly after the Bn. returned to the UK it was rushed to Ulster where it became the first on the streets of Belfast in the early days of the provinces troubles. He was made military OBE for the valour he again showed in action. He retired from the army in 1975.



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