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Northern Ireland - Iraq - Afghanistan

They left us a torch to carry with pride
and hope for a future where peace can abide.

Roll of Honour

I dream of a life, that's lived without fear,
it is for that tomorrow our people lie here.

Pte. Michael Tench. - 18yrs. from Sunderland was KIA on Sunday 21st. January 2007 when a roadside bomb was detonated in the Northern part of Basra. He was a serving soldier with A Coy. 2 Bn. LI. and one of the youngest. He joined the army in 2005 and had been in Iraq since September, four other soldiers were wounded in the explosion. Always remembered by Pte Craig Swan as "Tenchy".


killed in Basra 21st Jan 2007

Corporal Matthew Cornish - Matthew Cornish was born on 20 July 1977 and grew up in Yorkshire. He enlisted into the Army in Leeds and started his career in Cyprus. An impressive succession of postings followed, including operational deployments to Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, and to Iraq in 2003 and 2004. He was serving in Iraq with The Light Infantry, normally based in Paderborn, Germany, and was currently three months into a six-and-a-half month tour as part of 20th Armoured Brigade.


killed in Iraq 1st Aug - 2006.

Lance Corporal Steven Sherwood - aged 23, of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry was killed on 29 October 2005, as a result of hostile action in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.


29 October 2005

Taff Thomas, LCpl. - aged 29yrs. He was killed whilst assaulting a militia position in Basra, Iraq. Despite valiant attempts to save him, he died almost instantly. Taff who was serving in 2 LI. at this time was part of a rifle platoon who had been reinforcing the 1st.Bn. Cheshire Regt. since April 2004. He enlisted into the LI. in 1996 and following training was posted to the 2nd.Bn who at that time were serving in Northern Ireland. He later served in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Falkland Islands, Cyprus and Iraq, during this time serving in C Coy. Mortar Pl. and the Assault Pioneer Pl. He was promoted to LCpl. in 2002 and had recently been selected for promotion to Cpl. Following a most moving service at St. Mary's Church, Welshpool he was buried with full military honours on the 2nd. September 2004 at Castle Caereinion near his family home. His Pl still in their desert combats were flown back from Iraq for the funeral. An eulogy was given at the funeral service by Lt. Will Follet, Taffs Pl. Commander.


killed in Iraq 17th Aug - 2004.

Paul Turner Pte - aged 18yrs. Killed by a sniper whilst on duty in South Armagh, Northern Ireland, while serving with 2 LI. His Military Funeral was attended by many members of 2 LI. including his Commanding Officer, Brig.J.G.Williams OBE. ( Deputy Col. Somerset & Cornwall ) and the Commanding Officer of 5 LI. ( V ) His Funeral Service was held near his home at Worcester on the 4th. September 1992.

Northern Ireland

28th. August 1992

On 20th August 1988 a coach carrying a party from A Company 1LI from Aldergrove to Omagh was blown up by a roadside bomb near Curr near Ballygawley, County Tyrone. Eight men were killed and a further 27 wounded. They had been on home leave with their families and were returning to their duties. These men are listed in one group.

24722008 - Private Blair Edgar Morris Bishop - Aged 19. born 9/10/68 - From Hereford.

24775207 - Private Peter Lloyd Bullock - Aged 19. born 10/1/67 - From Hereford. - died in hospital.

24721598 - Private Jayson Burfitt - Aged 19 born 9/5/69 - From Bath

24705273 - Private Richard Greener - Aged 21. born 18/10/66 - From Tyne and Wear.

24771729 - Private Alexander Stephen Lewis - Aged 18 born 25/10/69 - From Salisbury.

24771499 - Private Mark Antony Norsworthy - Aged 18. born 13/11/69 - From Plymouth, Devon.

24805960 - Private Stephen James Wilkinson. Aged 18. - born 24/10/69 - From Stanley, Co. Durham.

24802753 - Private Jason Winter - Aged 19. born 4/7/69 - From Taunton, Somerset.

Northern Ireland

20th August 1988

Private G M Curtis. - Aged 20. Killed by a bomb in a lamppost in the Ballymurphy area. From Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Northern Ireland

10th Jun 1983

Stephen Hall. Pte. - aged 27yrs. He was a member of Support
Coy. 1 LI. and was shot and fatally wounded in Town Square, CrossMaglen, Northern Ireland. He enlisted into the LI. in September 1972 and following training was posted to 1 LI. just prior to the Bn. deploying to Northern Ireland. Prior to joining the army he was an Officer in the Merchant Navy. He was a big happy-go-lucky character who was popular with his fellow soldiers. In the short time he was with Support Coy. he made his impression, and his death was felt deeply by everyone in the Bn.

Northern Ireland

28th. October 1973

Reginald Roberts Pte. - died July 1973. He was shot by a sniper whilst on patrol in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was serving in 2 LI. ( neither age or date given in Silver Bugle )

Northern Ireland

July 1973

R. Miller. LCpl. - ( neither forename, age or date/month given in Silver Bugle ) All ranks of the Regt. and particularly 3 LI. were sad to hear of his death as a result of wounds received whilst he was attatched for special duties to HQ. Northern Ireland. He had been a Light Infantryman for 4yrs and was a high grade soldier and very popular within the Bn.

Northern Ireland


Tommy Stoker. Pte. - ( age not given in Silver Bugle ) He died in the Royal Victoria Hospital after a courageous struggle of more than a month and a half following the injury he sustained on the 29th July shortly after his arrival in Belfast.

Northern Ireland

19th. September 1972.

Ronald Rowe.Pte. - ( age not given in Silver Bugle ) His tragic death occurred whilst he was on patrol in the ' Bone ' in the Bn. area. He had served in 1 LI for 31/2 yrs and had recently joined Support Coy. of the Bn. He leaves a wife and baby daughter.

Northern Ireland

28th. August 1972

I.R.Morill.Cpl. - ( neither his forename's or age is given in the Silver Bugle ) At the time of his death he was serving with 3 RGJ whom he had joined from the 3 LI. in February 1972. He enlisted into the LI. at the Regt. Brigade Depot in 1963 and after training was posted to 1 KSLI with whom he served for 4yrs. After vesting day he was posted to 1 LI. and served with that Bn. for 3yrs. before returning to the Regt. Depot for a short posting on the permanent staff after which he joined 3 LI.

Northern Ireland

28th August 1972

Arthur B.Whitelock.Sgt. ( age not given in the Silver Bugle ) He was shot by a sniper at close range near the junction of Mayola Drive and Drumeck Drive in the Shantallow area of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The shooting took place just before midnight on the 24th whilst he was in command of a routine foot patrol. He was hit in the head and died instantly.
He enlisted into the LI. in March 1967. After training was posted to 1 DLI and served in Cyprus as part of UNFICYP. Following vesting day he was posted to 2 LI. and went to Malaya. He served in Northern Ireland from September 1969 until January 1970 and from July 1971 until October 1971.

Northern Ireland

died 24th August 1972

Richard Vencoe Jones. Pte. - age not given in Silver Bugle, He was shot by a sniper whilst serving with 1 LI. in Northern Ireland. The shooting took place whilst he was acting as escort in a vehicle returning from a routine Hospital visit in West Belfast. He had enlisted into the LI. and following training was posted to 1 LI. with whom he had served for just under a year.

Northern Ireland

18th.August 1972

Thomas Rudmam. Pte. - died 1972. (neither age or date/month given in Silver Bugle ) He was serving in Northern Ireland with 1 LI. at the time of his death. He was shot in the Shoulder whilst manoeuvering with his patrol against stone - throwing children in the New Ardoyne area of West Belfast. He died from his wound shortly afterwards. He was the brother of John Ronald Rudman.

Northern Ireland


John Ronald Rudman.Pte. - aged 21yrs. Wounded by terrorists in an Ambush near Dungannon, Northern Ireland, whilst serving in B Coy. 2 LI. He died later in Hospital from his wounds.

Northern Ireland

15th September 1971

Dvr. Kitchen. RCT - ( neither forename age or date/month given in Silver Bugle ) He was attatched to Support Coy of the Bn. He was killed whilst on patrol in Old Park Road, Belfast. He was a cheerful and most popular individual who had quickly identified himself with both the Coy. and the Regt.

Northern Ireland





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