The Band of the Light Division

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Band of the Light Division - Photo Album

BandFanfare.jpg (114678 bytes)

Present Pictures of The Band &  Bugles of THE LIGHT DIVISION

LI_2_Band.jpg (127735 bytes)


2 Light Infantry Band courtesy of Ralph Beaumont

sliband4.jpg (22957 bytes)

Band and Bugles of the 1st Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry, Bombay India, July 1947

More pictures courtesy of Ralph Beaumont

2ndLIBandBerlin.jpg (154083 bytes)

This is a photo of the 2nd Bn Light Infantry Band in Berlin, July 1968 after re-badging from K.O.Y.L.I  to The Light Infantry, vesting day was the 10th of July 1968.The Bandmaster was WO I  Bandmaster John Offord.

LightDivBandWinchester.jpg (130272 bytes)

This is a photo of the Light Division bands taken at Winchester circa 1970,they consisted of:-  Band & Bugles 2nd Bn The Light Infantry under WO I Bandmaster Mike Cadwalader, Band & Bugles of the 2nd Bn the Royal Green Jackets under WO I  Bandmaster Jack Boden and the Royal Green Jackets Junior Musicians Band under WO I Bandmaster John McTomney.

2BnLIBandSrRanks.jpg (44401 bytes)

This photo is of the 2 LI Band senior ranks at Colchester circa 1970, they are from left to right as follows: WO II Ralph Beaumont (ex-KOYLI / 2LI) , WO I Mike Cadwalader (ex-KSLI /2 LI), Bugle Major Terry Kent (ex-SCLI / 2 LI)

 KOYLIBand.jpg (108488 bytes)

This photograph is of the 1st Bn The K.O.Y.L.I Band take in the German town of Hilden, in the Rhineland and is circa 1960. The Band at this time was under the bandmastership of WOI John Offord ex- Devonshire Regiment.

KOYLIband1Bn.jpg (87789 bytes)

This photo is of the 1st Bn The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Band, taken in the Penang Botanical Gardens, Malaya, under the bandmastership of WO I Harry Balshaw ex- Royal Artillery Band, and is circa 1950.

KOYLI Band Penang.jpg (35154 bytes)

KOYLI Band circa 1949/50,Penang, Malaya. Preparing to visit the rifle company's in the jungle, to entertain them.

KOYLI  DANCE BAND GROUP.jpg (60087 bytes)

KOYLI  Dance Band Group, Strensal Camp, York. circa  1955 - NAAFI  All Ranks  Dance.

Peter Beaumont,Geoff Westwood, Ralph Beaumont, Jack Aitchison, Stewart  Atkins

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