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1831. Charles George James Arbuthnot. 

Commanded the regiment for seven years. Died in 1864, General and Hon. Colonel, 89th.

1838. John Peddie, K. H. 

Commanded the regiment for two years and retired by sale.

1840. Joie Singleton, K.H. 

A Peninsular officer who had been severely wounded at Salamanca. He exchanged to the 30th in 1845.

1845. Marcus John Slade.

Commanded the regiment throughout the Kaffir war of 1846-47. Afterwards Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey. General Slade died 1872. Hon. Colonel, 50th Foot.

1852. Frederick Eld.

Served with the regiment in the Kaffir war. Succeeded to the command by purchase, October, 1852, and retired on full pay, January, 1855, the state of his health not permitting his going to the Crimea.

1855. Gervas Stanford Deverill.

Joined in 1838 as a Captain. Promoted to the command without purchase, January, 1855, but retired by sale in October following. He died in 1859.

1850. Robert Parker Campbell. C.B.

After rendering good service in the Kaffir war. and gaining a brevet majority on the special recommendation of Sir Harry Smith, he exchanged from the 73rd to the 90th as Major in June, 1854; accompanied the regiment to the Crimea, where he was promoted 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel, March, 1855, and had command of the regiment before Sebastopol and of the storming party which captured and defended the Quarries; twice wounded. C.B and Brevet-Colonel for distinguished services. Took the regiment to India, and was killed in the Mutiny. November, 1857.

1857. William Paston Purnell, C.B.

Joined the regiment in 1868. Promoted Major in the Crimea. January, 1855, and was further promoted 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel, October, 1855, before Sebastopol. Served also in the Indian Mutiny Campaign of 1857-58, including the defence of the Residency at Lucknow, and was present on the 16th November, 1857, with the force employed in capturing a succession of houses in advance of the palace of Fureed Buksh, when he was thus mentioned in General Havelock's dispatches :-"I must commend all the officers in charge of detachments, but most prominently Colonel Purnell, 90th Light Infantry, whose conduct throughout the affair evinced the most distinguished gallantry, united to imperturbable coolness and the soundest judgment" (medal with clasp. C.B., and brevet of Colonel). He retired by sale in 1859. Was afterwards Governor of the Yeoman of the Guard, and died as such May 14th, 1869, age 47.

1859. Thomas Smith. C.B.

Served with the regiment at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, brevets of Major and Lieutenant-Colonel. Promoted 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel, November. 1857, and served with distinction at the capture of Lucknow. C.B. Shot himself at Allahabad. November 7th, 1861, a young man of only 38. and in command of this distinguished regiment.

1861. John Christopher Guise. V.C.. C.B.

Son of General Sir Guise. Bart. G.C.B., a hero of the Peninsula. Joined the regiment in 1845. Served at the siege of Sebastopol and in the Mutiny, where he led the storming party at the capture of the Secunderabagh and gained the Victoria Cross,  and a Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonelcy. Promoted 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel, 1801, and commanded the regiment from November, 1861, to June, 1864. General Guise. Hon. Colonel of the Leinster Regiment, died by his own hand, February, 5th, 1895.

1864. James Clerk Rattray.

Joined the regiment, January, 1851. Served with it at siege of Sebastopol. Severely wounded at the final assault of the Redan. Served at relief and defence of Lucknow, defence of Alumbagh, and final capture of Lucknow. Commanded the regiment, June, 1864, to May, 1872. Retired Lieutenant-General, K.C.B. Resided at the family estate, Craighall Rattray, Blairgowrie, Perth in 1900.

1872. Erskine Scott Francis George Dawson.

Brought in from half-pay to command the regiment, May, 1872. He had served with the 45th in the Kaffir war, and with the 93rd in the Crimean and Indian Mutiny Campaigns. Brevet-Major. He held command for eleven months, and was then given the Brigade-Depot at Aberdeen.

1873. Henry Wellington Palmer.

Served with the 74th Highlanders throughout the Kaffir war of 1851-53. Commanded the regiment from April, 1873, took it to South Africa and commanded it in the Kaffir war of 1878 - three times thanked in General Orders for his conduct in command of the operations in the Fort Beaufort District-C.B. Retired full pay, Hon. Major-General, November, 1878.

1878. Henry Evelyn Wood, C.B. V.C.

Gazetted to the regiment as Major, October 28th, 1871, and was promoted to the command, November, 1878, being at the time on special service in South Africa. His connection with the regiment came to an end 15th December, 1879, when he was appointed to the command of the Belfast district.

1879. Robert Montresor Rogers, V.C.

Served with 44th at siege and fall of Sebastopol and in the China war - severely wounded at the Taku Forts-Victoria Cross. Commanded the regiment throughout the Zulu war-brevets of Lieutenant-Colonel and Colonel. Left the regiment, December, 1882. Held command in turn of a regimental district and a brigade in India. Major-General, retired pay, 1889. Died February 5th, 1895.


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