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(13th, 32nd & 46th Foot)

The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry (SCLI) was formed on 6th October 1959 by the amalgamation of the Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert’s) and the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. On amalgamation the Regiment comprised one regular battalion — the 1st Battalion, stationed in Osnabruck in what was then West Germany, and two Territorial Army battalions — 4th/5th Battalion The Somerset Light Infantry (TA) and 4th/5th Battalion The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (TA).The Regimental Depot was at Bodmin and the Regimental Headquarters at Taunton.

The 1st Battalion received Colours in May 1962 whilst stationed in Gibraltar, the Colours being presented on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen by Field Marshal The Lord Harding of Petherton. The 1st Battalion served in West Berlin, Gravesend and Aden before becoming part of the new Regiment in 1968.

A Bugle Horn stringed, ensigned with a Mural Crown, all in Silver. Between the strings of the bugle horn a Red patch.

The Bugle Horn commemorates the granting of Light Infantry status to the 13th Foot in 1822 and to the 32nd Foot in 1848. The Mural Crown was granted to the 13th Light Infantry in 1842. The Red Patch commemorates the "Red Feathers" of the 46th Foot.

Facing Colour: Royal Blue Regimental Colours: Light Infantry Green, Royal Blue and Red


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