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1st (King's) Dragoon Guards
1838 - 1844

        In July 1838, two compaines of King's Dragoon Guards and one company of Royal Artillery left Lower Canada for Niagara.


6th Dragoon
1861 - 1863


The 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars
1838 - 1842

The regiment was employed in Canada during the insurrection of 1838-39.


The 13th Hussars
1866 - 1869

The regiment was sent to Canada at the time of the Trent difficulty, and served there for nearly two years.


19th Dragoons
1811 - 1824

This regiment later became The 19th (Princess of Wales's Own) Hussars and holds a battle honour for Niagara. In 1813-14 two squadrons, which had been sent out to America, saw some very rough service on the Niagara Frontier. The regiment named The 19th Lancers was disbanded in 1821.


21st Dragoons
1846 - 1850


24th Dragoons

Including other North American details.

The purpose of this site is to list those regiments of the British Army that served in Canada and to provide details of the dates they served in Canada and the locations in which they served. The initial list was from an inventory of British Military records held by the National Archives of Canada, the dates with the regiments name being from that list. If no date appears, it means the National Archives did not list that particular regiment.

Further details were extracted from:

"Records and Badges of the British Army, 1900" by Henry M. Chichester and George Burges Short. These additional details are shown below the regiments name. Except for the 100th Foot, the extraction is complete.

I have not at this time included much on the Engineers, Medical, Ordnance etc. and only a little on the Artillery, but will attempt to complete these when material becomes available to me. Volunteers & Redcoats mentions Royal Engineers, Royal Sappers & Miners, Royal Artillery and Royal Marines.


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