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Badges & Insignia

Contributions of badge and insignia scans are most welcome.

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Shoulder Badges

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Territorial Badges, &c. - circa 1900

On the Buttons - A Bugle with Strings and Crown.

On the Collars -  A Bugle with Strings, in gold embroidery.

On the Helmet-plates - A Bugle with Strings, in silver, on a ground of black velvet, forming the centre of the regulation-pattern gilt Star and Wreath.

On the Waist-plates - A Bugle with Strings, in silver, on a frosted gilt centre. The regimental title on the circle.

On the Cap - In gilt metal the Garter with Motto, surmounted by the Crown and Badge and fround as for Helmet-plate.

Battalion Queen's Colour - circa 1900

The Union throughout, with the regimental title in letters of gold on a crimson centre, and the Crown over, according to regulation.

Battalion Regimental Colour - circa 1900

That of the 1st Battalion was formerly dark green, that of the 2nd Battalion white, both cantoning the Union. Both are now white, with the red Cross of St. George throughout; the battalion number in the first corner; in the centre the united red and white Rose, surrounded by a crimson circle bearing the regimental title and surmounted by a Crown; and the battle honours according to regulation. The Durham Light Infantry was one of those English corps for which the Rose was proposed as a general badge. It is retained on the Colour.


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