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Pictures taken by Keith Hutchinson in DLI Museum

Pictures are re-produced by kind permission of The Durham Light Infantry Museum.

Men signing up for DLI Old Pal's Battalions WW1
Wooden Cross Capt. HR Wilson
WW1 poster
LI Plate
DLI Plate
DLI Darlington Plate
The 68th Plate
WW1 Poster
The Durham Light Infantry Museum
The VC Plaque
Some of the hundreds of medals on display
DLI Uniform
DLI Uniform
DLI Uniform

Brancepeth Castle - very close to Brancepeth Camp, one-time Depot of the DLI.

The Keep - Brancepeth Castle
The Keep - from inside the Castle
View of the Castle, this was the DLI Officers Mess
Close up of Keep entrance
The Castle
DLI Bugler and Band at the Castle
DLI Window in Brancepeth Church
Main Door to Castle

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(© Copyright All Rights Reserved by Keith Hutchinson)

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The Picture above is the main gate of Brancepeth Camp, the Guardroom is on the right. Probably taken in 1955 when the 2nd Btn DLI were been disbanded I think they marched up from the castle after the parade,
they were in Wuppertal Germany up in till then. - [Tony Bewick]

I was stationed at Wuppertal in 1954/55. I was a Coy Sgt with Lt Rawlings and eventually became mess caterer at the end of my National service. The name is SGT Robert Shingler. I am 6th from the left top row.The officers on the front row are Maj Shaw, Maj Benson, Lt Col Leather. Gen Coad, Brig Neville, Maj Taylor and Lt Morton.

(© Copyright All Rights Reserved by Keith Hutchinson)

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Picture taken Summer 2005 at Brancepeth Castle War Day - (© Copyright All Rights Reserved by Keith Hutchinson)

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Stained glass window at the Town Hall of Durham in honour of The Durham Light Infantry.(© Copyright All Rights Reserved by Keith Hutchinson)

DLI_Gateshead.jpg (443426 bytes)

Thomas Briggs writes: I came across this photograph in the Evening Chronicle on the 15th July, 1999. It is of a column of Territorials marching down Dryden Road in Gateshead on a recruiting drive in May 1939. I tried to blow it up but I could not make out the cap badges, it's possible it could be the D.L.I. Photo courtesy and copyright of Thomas Briggs. 

WFR 191617.jpg (53302 bytes)

This is a picture of my dad who served in the DLI and West Yorkshire Regiments. William F. Robinson, born Oct 05, 1898. A miner in the Brancepeth Colliery. Enlisted at age 16 1/2. Emigrated to New York in 1929. Bill Robinson...New York, USA...
Photo courtesy and copyright of Bill Robinson.

Photo courtesy and copyright of Jonathan Raine who writes:  I have turned up a photograph taken in October/November 1919 showing my Great Uncle and colleagues from the DLI. I can read some information written on the back of the photograph: DLI Orderlies to Military Governor, Oct - Nov 1919, With Interpreters, 20th D.L.I. on Guard.  My Great Uncle, Ernest Cook from Bishop Auckland is second from right.







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