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"Few people, except the surviving participants, have ever heard of CANLOAN, the code word for an arrangement during the Second World War by which a number of Canadian Army officers participated in the fighting in northwest Europe between D-Day 1944, and VE-Day 1945, by voluntarily serving in regiments of the British Army. The ferocity of the fighting in which these officers were engaged is indicated by the extent of their casualties (75 percent) and the number of awards for gallantry - nearly 100, more than 40 of them Military Crosses. At the special request of the War Office, a number of RCOC officers also volunteered to serve under the same conditions as the more numerous infantry officers" from Code Word CANLOAN by Wilfred I. Smith, Dundurn Press, Toronto & Oxford, 1992. 346 pages.

This list of officers served with the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.


Surname Name(s) Rank Honour Roll Decorations Regiment
BERRY Gregory L. Lieut. 1/4 KOYLI
DAVISON George H. Maj. 1/4 KOYLI
KNIGHT Alfred T. Lieut. 1/4 KOYLI
MAINPRIZE Robert B. Maj. 1/4 KOYLI
PURDEY Richard Capt. 11 DLI, 6 DLI, 11/4 KOYLI
YOUNG Jack A. Lieut. 6 DLI, 1/4 KOYLI


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