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Richard James Randall - Army number 5380939

Joined up on the 6th January 1932 – Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry - Served in the U.K. until being posted to India 4th February 1932 until 3rd January 1939 - Posted back to the U.K 4th January 1939 until 19th January 1939.

Called up 3rd September 1939 until 4th August 1944 - Transferred to the Gordon Highlanders 5th August 1944 until 25th February 1945 - Served in Holland & Germany (wounded twice) - Posted back to U.K. 26th February 1945 to 14th December 1945

Served in India & Burma (I understand with the Ox & Bucks, but have no information of what the OX & Bucks were doing) - Went with the BLA into Holland & Germany (Ox & Bucks)(Gordon Highlanders) - Allan Randall (youngest son) Email to Allan

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OBLI Officers Dec 1899.jpg (176930 bytes)

Officers of the O.B.L.I. before embarkation. They embarked at Southampton in hired transport Gaika, and sailed for South Africa, 22nd December, 1899.

OBLI Klip Drift 1900.jpg (160560 bytes)

Bluejackets and men of the O.B.L.I. carrying a naval gun up a kopje. Klip Drift, South Africa, 1900.

squad001.jpg (532788 bytes)

Richard Ringshaw writes: I served with the O.B.L.I from 1945 until we merged with the D.C.L.I this picture would have been taken at around the time of the merge I am hoping that someone out there can put a date to it. I myself am 4th from the left of the 3rd row down.

Major J. A. Tresawna, D.S.O., who was killed in action in Korea on June 10th, 1953, while serving as a Company Commander with the 1st Bn the Durham Light Infantry. In February 1940 he was commissioned into the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. In April 1944 he was posted to the 7th Battalion of the O.B.L.I.

Major Sir Philip Henry Rathborne Whitehead, fourth baronet, died at his home at Culham, near Abingdon, on December 31st, 1953. He was commissioned to the Regiment from Sandhurst in April 1916.


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