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In the late summer of 1943 there came together elements of the British Army which were to form an infantry division the like of which had never been seen before. [Find Out More]

Contact Keith S. Gover, Hon Secretary, at 8, Blackthorn Mews, Pewsham, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 3PG.

Tel: 01249 444453 Email: Keith Gover - Secretary

President: Brigadier Francis Henn CBE.

Vice President: Brigadier Jolyon T Jackson

Thank you for your interest in the 43rd Wessex Association.

Since the completion of the Allies campaign in Northwest Europe in May 1945 many groups and Association have been formed which embrace veterans of various battles
(such as the Normandy Veterans’ Association, the Market Garden Association and the Arnhem Veterans’ Club).

Additionally – Regimental and Old Comrades’ Association
together with the Royal British Legion have provided comradeship and care for the individual veterans themselves. Generally speaking, Regimental Offices safe guard the histories and achievements of the separate regiments and corps but very little cognizance has been afforded to the special and dedicated fighting entities which were assembled for the specific purpose of pursuing defined objectives, such as the liberation of Europe.

Such entities ranged from Army Groups to Armies, Army Corps, Divisions and support forces such as Armoured Brigades, Artillery Regiments, Royal Engineers, Royal Army
Medical Corps and support logistic. Many of the support forces became part of an Infantry Division or were attached from time to time. As the objectives were achieved the Armies and their Divisions were either disbanded, reformed or scattered leaving their combined victories, human losses and victories to the whims of history and anecdotal recollection.

A number of Divisions which were part of the British 2nd Army have formed Associations specifically to bridge the gap between the organizations which look after the individual veterans and those who wish to honour and recall the traditions of the cohesive fighting units brought together during the 2nd World War. The 43rd Wessex Association is such an organization. One special feature which belongs to the Association is the Divisional emblem of the Wessex Wyvern which has the distinction of having been worn by a unit of the British Army since 1935. Today it is the emblem of the 43 (Wessex) Brigade TA.

The principal purposes of the Association are to link the veterans and traditions of the old Division with the present day Brigade so as to preserve its history, honour and maintain its memorials and to provide a veterans’ Association for those whose units were disbanded and for whom no other Old Comrades Association exists.

If you would care to join with us in our endeavours please complete the Membership Application form by clicking on this link.

Membership Application

and return to myself for attention.

Yours in comradeship

Keith Gover
Hon: Secretary
The 43rd Wessex Association


Thursday, 5 October, 2006 18:14

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