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Order of Battle the Second World War

128th Infantry Brigade (left 6 June 1942)

1/4th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
2/4th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
5th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
128th Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Company (formed 19 June 1940, disbanded 20 December 1941)
129th Infantry Brigade

4th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry
4th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment
5th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment
129th Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Company (formed 14 May 1940, disbanded 20 December 1941)
130th Infantry Brigade

7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
4th Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment
5th Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment
130th Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Company (formed 17 May 1940, disbanded 20 December 1941)
25th Tank Brigade (from 1 June 1942, left 2 September 1942)

51st (Leeds Rifles) Royal Tank Regiment
11th Royal Tank Regiment
142nd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
34th Tank Brigade (from 3 September 1942, left 10 September 1943)

North Irish Horse (left 3 September 1942)
147th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
153rd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
151st Regiment Royal Armoured Corps (from 3 September 1942)
214th Infantry Brigade (from 5 September 1943)

7th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry
5th Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
9th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry (left 30 September 1943)
1st Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment (from 30 September 1943)
Divisional Troops

1/8th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment (joined as Machine Gun Battalion from 18 November 1941, redesignated 8th Battalion May 1942, left 1 October 1942, rejoined as Support Battalion 1 October 1943, again as MG Battalion 28 February 1944)
48th Battalion, Reconnaissance Corps (from 20 November 1941, redesignated 43rd Battalion 1 January 1942, later 43rd Regiment 6 June 1942, finally 43rd (Wessex) Reconnaissance Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps 1 January 1944)
94th (Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
112th (Wessex) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
141st (Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (left 8 June 1942)
179th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (from 9 June 1942)
59th (Duke of Connaught's Own) Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery
110th (Dorset) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (from 23 March 1942)
43rd (Wessex) Divisional Engineers
204th (Wessex) Field Company, Royal Engineers
260th Field Company, Royal Engineers
553rd Field Company, Royal Engineers (from 13 January 1940)
207th (Wessex) Field Park Company, Royal Engineers
13th Bridging Platoon, Royal Engineers (from 1 October 1943)
43rd (Wessex) Divisional Signals Regiment, Royal Corps of Signals



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