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Locations of Highland Light Infantry Units 1914-1924

During this period there were 26 Battalions.


August 1914 : in Ambala, India. Part of the Sirhind Brigade, the 3rd (Lahore) Division. Moved to France via Egypt, landing at Marseilles 1 December 1914 (some weeks after the other Brigades of the Division). Moved to Mesopotamia December 1915.

January 1917 left the Division and moved to the Tigris Defences. September 1917 : attached to 51st Brigade, 17th Indian Division in Mesopotamia, where it then remained.


France and Flanders 14 August 1914. 2nd was part of 5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Division, First Corps. Three months later only 32, of the original battalion, survived in France. North Russia 26 August 1919 to 26 Oct. 1919, no war diary. Ireland Mar 1920. Egypt 1920-21. Palestine Jan 1921 to Sept 1922. Turkey 13 Oct 1922 to Sept 1923. Egypt. 27 Sept 1923. 1916 - 2nd Division, 5th Brigade.

3rd Reserve

August 1914 : in Haddington. Remained in UK throughout the war.

4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion

August 1914 : in Hamilton. Remained in UK throughout the war.

5th, 6th and 7th

August 1914 : in Garnethill, Glasgow. Part of HLI Brigade, Lowland Division.

11 May 1915 : formation became 157th Brigade, 52nd Division.
Gallipoli 3 July 1915, via Egypt and Mudros. Mudros 9 Jan 1916. Egypt 3 Feb 1916. Palestine 1917-18. Flanders and France Apr 1918.


(Lanark) Battalion (No 2/8th Battalion was formed.)
August 1914 : in Lanark. Part of Lothian Brigade, Scottish Coast Defences. Disbanded May 1916.


August 1914 : in Glasgow. Part of HLI Brigade, Lowland Division. November 1914 : left the Division and moved to France, landing 5 November. November 1914 : attached to 5th Brigade, 2nd Division.

30 January 1916 : left Division and transferred to GHQ Troops. 29 May 1916 : transferred to 100th Brigade, 33rd Division.


France and Flanders 5 May 1915 - reduced to training cadre 6 May 1918 and to U.K. 16 June. Reconstituted and returned to France 5 July 1918. 1916 - 15th (Scottish) Division, 46th Brigade.


France and Flanders 5 May 1915 and on 14 May 1916 amalgamated with 10th to form 10th/11th Bn. 1916 - 15th (Scottish) Division, 46th Brigade.


France and Flanders July 1915 - suffered 560 casualties at Loos two months later. 1916 - 15th (Scottish) Division, 46th Brigade.


France and Flanders June 1916 - reduced to a training cadre 6 May 1918. In 40th Division.


France and Flanders 23 Nov 1915. 1916 - 32nd Division, 14th Brigade.


France and Flanders 23 Nov 1915. 25 officers and 755 other ranks went over the top on 1st July 1916 - 5 officers and 221 rank and file survived. Built up to strength, two-thirds of the battalion was again lost at Beaumont-Hamel later that year. 1916 - 32nd Division, 97th Brigade.


France and Flanders 23 Nov 1915 - also lost nearly 500 officers and men on the first day of the Somme. 1916 - 32nd D Tuesday, 31 July, 2007 18:49 h Glasgow), The Highland Light Infantry was raised in Glasgow on 26 Feb 1915 by the Lord Provost and City as a bantam battalion and was moved to Girvan, Ayrshire. In May 1915 it moved to Gailes and in Jun 1916 to Masham, Yorkshire where it was assigned to 106th Brigade in 35th (Bantam) Division. In Jul 1915, as part of government policy, the battalion was taken over by the War Office. In Aug 1915 it moved again to the Salisbury Plain. The 18th went to France and Flanders on 1 Feb 1916, landing at Le Havre. Early in 1917 it ceased to be a bantam battalion. On 23 Sep 1917, the battalion absorbed the RHQ, "A" and "B" Squadrons of 1/1st The Royal Glasgow Yeomanry (formerly V Corps Cavalry Regiment but now dismounted) at Aizecourt le Bas. The battalion then became known as The 18th (Royal Glasgow Yeomanry) Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry. The battalion ended the war in 106th Brigade and 35th Division on 11 Nov 1918 west of Grammont, Belgium. Bantam battalions were specifically authorised for men who were below the official height limits for enlistment. 



  • 1914-18 - First World War. H.L.I. battalions increased to twenty-six, fighting in France, Belgium, Dardanelles, Egypt, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Losses in dead: 598 officers, 9,428 rank and file. 
  • 1914 - 74th at Paturages, Mons, Battle of the Marne, Ypres, Verneuil Ridge. 71st arrived with Lahore Division from India. 9th H.L.I. (Glasgow Highlanders) joined the 5th Infantry Brigade at Bailleul on Nov. 23, 1914. 71st and 74th at Givenchy in December.
  • 1915 - 71st in Battle of Neuve Chapelle (March) then in 74th Battle of Ypres. 71st relieved 74th at Festubert. 52nd Lowland Division left Scotland in May and landed at Gallipoli in July - 157th Infantry Brigade was composed of the 5th, 6th and 7th T.A. battalions of the H.L.I. and the 5th Argylls and was known as the H.L.I. Brigade. (Achi Baba, Eski Line). In December the H.L.I. Brigade went to Egypt, fought at Romani, El Arish and Gaza, marked to Jerusalem. September - Battle of Loos, 10th, 11th, 12th H.L.I.
  • 1916 - 15th, 16th, 17th in Battle of the Somme - Thiepval, Leipzig Redoubt (July). 18th Bantam arrived in France. Glasgow Highlanders at High Wood. 71st and 18th at Delville Wood. 10th/11th and 12th at Martinpuich, 15th at Orvillers. 16th and 17th - Battle of Ancre, Redan Ridge (November). 
  • 1917 - 17th - capture of Savy (April) - 15th at Selency - 10th/11th and 12th in 46th Brigade east of Arras. 10th/11th at Monchy le Preux - 16th at Fayet before St. Quentin. 16th and 17th at Nieuport, 10th/11th and 12th in Battle of Pilcken Ridge. Battle of Langemarch, Cheluveldt. 15th, 16th and 17th at Passchendaele. 14th at Cambrai - Bourlon Wood. 71st at Bourlon - Hindenburgh LIne and Canal du Nord. 
  • 1918 - H.L.I. Brigade to Western Front (April). 74th at Berlincourt (March), Ivergny. 10th/11th and 14th at Bullecourt, Mory and Sapigny (March). 12th and 18th at Hardecourt. 15th at Ayette (April). 71st fighting on Tigris beyond Bagdad. Glasgow Highlanders at Neuve Englise. 74th in Battle of Albert, Behagnies (August). 5th, 6th and 7th Ficheux, Cambrai. 14th and 15th near Brie. Glasgow Highlanders in Targelle Valley. 5th near Moeuvres.  74th, 5th, 6th, 7th at Cambrai (September). 74th at Villers Pol (November) then Army of Occupation (December) at Malmedy. 


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