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Second World War. H.L.I. battalions fought in Normandy, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Western Desert, Sudan, Eritrea, Iraq, Libya, Cyrenaica, Sicily and Italy, and the islands off Yugoslavia.

1939-1940 - B.E.F. - Third Corps (Lt-General Sir R. F. Adam), 42nd Division (Major-General W. G. Holmes), 127th Infantry Brigade, 1st Bn. Highland Light Infantry. And joining the BEF between mid-May and mid-June were - 52nd Division (Major-General J. S. Drew), 157th Infantry Brigade, 5th, 6th Bn. Highland Light Infantry. 157th Infantry Brigade fought at Hemmesberget, Norway.

71st mobilized at Elgin. Fought at Scarpe, Lille and Armentieres. Rear-guard at Rexpoede.

157th Brigade landed at Cherbourg, fought at Evreaux. Embarked from Cherbourg on June 18, 1940.

74th was in Palestine, moved to Sudan at end of 1940. - Eritrean Campaign.

1941 - 74th at Barentu with 4th Indian Division, 10th Infantry Brigade. Keren, Sanchil Ridge, Asmara, Massawa then to Iraq and Cyprus.

1942 - 74th joined 8th Army at Sollum, Battle of the Cauldron, Mersa Matruh, Palestine, Sicily, Yugoslavia, Greece

1944 - 5th Battalion, TA - United Kingdom? 8/8/44 to 29/10/44. The battalion left 157th Infantry Brigade in the UK on 8 August 1944 and rejoined it in NW Europe on 24 October 1944 in NW Europe.

1st Glasgow Highlanders (HLI), TA - United Kingdom? 8/8/44 to 29/10/44. 

2nd Glasgow Highlanders in 46th Brigade and 10th H.L.I. in 227th Brigade of 15th Scottish Division landed in France on June 13 - Odon River

71st, in 71st Brigade of 53rd Welsh Division landed in France on June 28 - Odon

50th (Holding) Battalion (13th on 9/10/40)- UK 9/7/43-11/8/43;17/1/44-1/3/44. The 13th Battalion left 227th Independent Infantry Brigade in the UK on 9 July 1943 and joined 207th Independent Infantry Brigade in the Orkneys on 11 August 1943. It left 207th Brigade on 17 January 1944 and was disbanded on 1 March 1944.

1945 - 71st at Hamburg then Jerusalem.



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