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C. Sjt T.Lillis LSGM

Commanding Officers of the 53rd Regiment from 1836 to 1881

extracted from "Records and Badges of the British Army, 1900" by Henry M Chichester and George Burges-Short

1836    Richard Frederick Hill

Commanded the regiment for seven years, retiring by sale. He was afterwards for many years Colonel of the Salop Militia, and died at his residence. Press Hall. Shropshire. in 1890. aged 86.

1843    Harry Shakespear Phillips, C.B.

Joined the regiment as a Captain, after previous service in the cavalry - Commanded the 53rd at Buddiwal, Aliwal and Sobraon, and a Brigade in the Army of the Sutlej during the occupation of the Punjaub: C.B. Exchanged in 1846 to the 31st and in 1847 to the 57th, retiring on half-pay in 1818 and by sale in 1849.

1846    William George Gold

Joined the regiment as a Captain in 1832 and was promoted 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel on the regiment embarking for India. Served on the Sutlej, at Buddiwal, Aliwal and Sobraon - wounded. In command of the regiment, 1846 to 1848, when he exchanged to 4th Foot. Lieutenant-General Gold was appointed Hon. Colonel 53rd in 1867.

1848    John Byrne, C.B.

Commanded the 31st Regiment at the Battle of Moodkee, where he was severely wounded, and exchanged in 1846 to the 53rd. He commanded the regiment until April, 1851, when he retired by sale.

1851    Henry William Breton

After many years service in the 4th Regiment exchanged to 53rd as Lieutenant- Colonel, and commanded it from 1848 until given a brigade command in India, April, 1850. He continued on the roll of the 53rd until promoted Major-General in 1851. General Breton died in 1889, aged 91.

1851    William Rose Mansfield (created Lord Sandhurst in 1871)

Joined the 53rd as Ensign in 1835 and served with the regiment in the campaign on the Sutlej in 1846. Aide-de-Camp to the Commander-in-Chief at Sobraon. Commanded the 53rd in the Punjaub campaign, 1849, constantly employed in the operations on the Peshawur frontier, 1851-52, or in command of the 53rd as attached to Sir Colin Campbell. In April, 1855, he exchanged to the half-pay list, and in June, 1855, he was attached to Embassy at Constantinople, with the rank of Brigadier General, as responsible adviser of Her Majesty's Ambassador, and proceeded to the Crimea in his Excellency's suite; at the conclusion of peace sent to Warsaw as Consul-General. On the outbreak of Mutiny in India he was nominated Chief of the Staff with local rank of Major-General, and served throughout the war of 1857-59 in that capacity. Served throughout the campaign in Oude in 1858-59. For his services he received the thanks of Parliament. He was appointed to the Bombay command in 1860; in 1865, Commander- in-Chief in India: and in 1870, Commander-in-Chief in Ireland. Died 23rd June, 1876.

1855    Thomas Sidney Powell, C.B.

Entered the 10th as Ensign in 1826, and served as Aide-de-Camp and Persian interpreter to Lord Keane throughout the campaign

            John McNeill Walter

Joined the 53rd as Captain in 1848, was with it at Goojerat and on the Indian frontier service, became 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel by purchase in October, 1856, and exchanged in January, 1857, to the 35th.

            William Raikes Faber

Exchanged from the 2nd Lieutenant-Colonelcy of the 36th to the 53rd in January, 1857, and served with the regiment in command during the Mutiny, including the battle of Cawnpore on 6th December, 1857, and in the affair at Seraighat. For this service he received mention in despatches. but no further reward, although he had done good service in the first China War. He left the regiment in July, 1858. by exchange to half-pay. General Faber was in after ears appointed a C.B. and Hon. Colonel of the 17th. He died 1879.

1857    Thomas English, C.B.

Joined the 35th as Ensign in 1833 and exchanged as Major into the 53rd in 1857. Served during the Indian campaign. 1857-59, while in command of the Left Wing 53rd Regiment. 180 strong, with 100 Sikhs, routed at Chutra a force of 1,000 mutineers, taking all their guns, treasure, and camp equipage - thanked by the Commander-in-Chief and nominated a C.B. Commanded the 53rd during the siege and capture of Lucknow, and many minor subsequent affairs. He retired from the command on pension in 1864.

            William Payn, C.B.

Served with the 53rd Regiment in the Sutlej campaign of 1845-6 (medal and clasp), campaign of 1851-52 on the Peshawur frontier. Served in the Crimea in command of a regiment of the Turkish contingent. Served in the Indian campaign of 1857-58 (mentioned five times in despatches) -Brevet of Lieutenant- Colonel. C.B. He was 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel of the regiment, 1858-60, when he exchanged to the 72nd Highlanders.

1864    Archibald Richard Harenc

Served with the 97th Regiment in the Indian Mutiny, and was given a Brevet Majority for services at the siege and capture of Lucknow. He was transferred to the 53rd as Major in November, 1860. Purchased the Lieutenant-Colonelcy, and commanded the regiment from April, 1864, to April, 1873, when he accepted a Brigade Depot. General Harenc died in 1884.

1873    John Alexander Dalzell

Ensign 53rd in 1847. Served with the regiment at Goojerat, and as Adjutant in the campaign of 1851-2 on the frontier; also with the regiment in the Indian Mutiny - but not at Lucknow. Gained Brevet Majority for his services. Commanded the regiment from April, 1873, to December, 1877, when he retired as Hon. Major-General.

1877    George Newton Fendall

Joined 53rd as Lieutenant in April, 1850, and served with it in the Indian frontier campaign in 1851-2; also throughout the Mutiny, serving as Brigade-Major at the-storm and capture of Meangunge; siege and capture of Lucknow, and other affairs. Brevet of Major. Was Assistant Military Secretary to Lord Sandhurst in Ireland. Commanded the regiment from December, 1877, to September. 1882, including the Egyptian campaign of 1882. Commanded Shrewsbury District.

Commanding Officers of the 85th Regiment from 1836 to 1881

1836    Frederick Maunsell

Joined the regiment in 1812, and served with it in the Peninsula and South of France from August, 1813, to the end of the war in 1811, including siege of San Sebastian, passage of the Bidassoa, battles of Nivelle and Nive, and investment of Bayonne. Served also in the American War, and was slightly wounded at Bladensburg and severely at New Orleans. He commanded the regiment for 10 years, and was its Hon. Colonel for a similar period-from 1865 until his death in October, 1875-the last survivor of the regiment's record in the Peninsula and America.

1846    Sir John Gaspard Le Marchant

Exchanged to the command from a Recruiting District, but retired the same year on appointment as Governor of Newfoundland.

1846    Brook John Taylor

Commanded the regiment from December, 1846, to April, 1852, when he was appointed Assistant Adjutant-General at Manchester. He was appointed to the 85th as Captain in 1840, when serving in North America as Aide-de-Camp to General Sir Richard Jackson, whose military secretary he was for five years. From 1857 to 1860 he served as Assistant Adjutant-General at the Horse Guards. He had command of a brigade at Aldershot front 1860 to 1865, and of a division in India 1867 to 1872. General Taylor was Hon. Colonel 2nd West India Regiment when he died.

1852    Manley Power

Son of Lieutenant-General Sir Manley Power, Lt.-Governor of Malta. Joined 85th as Captain in 1828, purchased half-pay Lieutenant-Colonelcy in 1816, and exchanged in 1852 to the command of the regiment. Took the regiment to the Mauritius in 1853, and thence to the Cape. Invalided home, and died at Bath. 27th April, 1857, aged 51.

1857    John William Gray

Joined the regiment in 1831, and commanded it from April, 1857, to October, 1865, when he retired on pension as Hon. Major-General.

1865    William Williamson

Joined the regiment in 1834, and commanded it from October, 1865, to March, 1867, when he retired by sale. He died in 1873.

1867    Frederick Ernest Appleyard, C.B.

Served with the 80th in Burmese War, and with the Royal Fusiliers in the Crimea. Wounded at the Alma and at the assault on the Redan, 18th June-Brevet of Major. Joined 85th as Major in February, 1861, and commanded it from March, 1867, to June, 1880. including its service in Afghanistan and at the capture of Ali Musjid. Retired Major-General, 1884.

1880    Edward Musgrave Beadow

Ensign 85th, March, 1853. Served as Major with the Koorum Division in Afghanistan, and commanded the regiment from June, 1880 to 1885, when he retired as Hon. Major-General.

Commanding Officers of the Linked Battalions from 1881 to 1900

1881    George Newton Fendall, 1st Bn.

            Edward Musgrave Beadow, 2nd Bn.

1882    Robert Hold Truell, C.B.

Ensign 53rd, June, 1856; served with the regiment throughout the Indian Mutiny, including siege and capture of Lucknow; and commanded the regiment from September, 1882. Served with 1st Battalion in Egyptian War of 1882, commanding it from 19th December. He retired on half-pay in August, 1885, after commanding the battalion at Suakin; C.B. and Brevet of Colonel.

1885    Nadolig Ximene Gwynne

Joined the regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel in May, 1883, from the Manchester Regiment- and commanded the 2nd Battalion from June, 1885. to July, 1887. He passed the Staff College, served as a Brigade-Major in India and in the Afghan War, and was with the 1st Battalion in the expedition to the Soudan. Retired pay, Hon. Major-General in 1900.

1885    Henry Douglas Rooke

Ensign 53rd, December, 1859. Musketry-Instructor, 1865-66. Served with 1st Battalion in Egyptian War, 1882, and in the expedition to the Soudan, 1885. Commanded 1st Battalion, August, 1885, to 1889.

1887    Guy Newcomen Atkinson

Ensign 85th, February, 1865. Commanded 2nd Battalion July, 1887, until his death at Kilkenny, 10th February, 1890.

1889    Edward Harry Goring Ravenhill

Ensign 85th, April, 1865. Served with the Koorum Division in Afghanistan. Commanded 1st Battalion, August, 1889, to 1893. In command of Warley District in 1900.

1890    Charles Edmond Knox

Ensign 85th, June, 1865. Served with the Bechuanaland Expedition, when he raised and commanded the 4th Pioneer Regiment-brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel. Commanded 2nd Battalion, February. 1890, to 1894. In command of Bodmin District in 1900.

1893    Francis WIngfield Robinson

Ensign 85th, October, 1865. Musketry-Instructor from 1868 to 1876. Served with Koorum Division in Afghanistan. Passed Staff College. On the staff at Bermuda 1886 to 1889. Commanded 1st Battalion- August, 1893, to 1897.

1894    Pulteney Henry Murray

Ensign 53rd, February. 1869. Musketry-Instructor,1877 to 1880. Adjutant. 1881 to 1883, including the Egyptian War. Commanded 2nd Battalion, February, 1894, to 1898.

1897    Cecil Henry Collette

Ensign 85th, January, 1868. Adjutant from 1874 to 1882. Served with the Koorum Division in Afghanistan. In command of 1st Battalion from August, 1897.

1898    James Spens

Sub-Lieutenant 85th, May, 1872. Musketry-Instructor 1878 to 1883, and Adjutant 1884 to 1886. Served with the Koorum Division in Afghanistan. On the Instruction Staff at Royal Military College. 1886 to 1893. In command of 2nd Battalion from February, 1898.


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