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C. Sjt T.Lillis LSGM
1881 - 1st and 2nd Battalions The King's Shropshire Light Infantry were formed from 53rd and 85th Foot, the Militia units of Shropshire and Herefordshire became part of K.S.L.I. and were called 3rd and 4th (Militia) Battalions. Shrewsbury became Regimental Depot

1882 - The King's (Shropshire Light Infantry)

1882 - Egypt, defence of Alexandria, capture of Kafr Dowar and Damietta, Malta

1885 - Suakin, Cyprus and Egypt

1887 - Matla

1891 - Egypt, then China in same year

1899 - 2nd Battalion in South African War. 1st Battalion in Hong Kong. Then India

1914-1918 - Great War - sixteen Battalions raised, 8 served overseas. 52 Battle Honours are won. 4th (T.A.) Battalion received Croix de Guerre avec Palmes in fighting at Bligny.

1st - France and Flanders 10 Sept 14. 1st was part of 16th Infantry Brigade, 6th Division, Third Corps. Left Germany Apr 19. Aden 10 Nov 19. India 1 Dec 20.

2nd - India. France and Flanders 21 Dec 14. Salonika 4 Dec 15. South Russia 23 Dec 19 (Batum, with detachments at Tchakwa and Artvin). Embarked for U.K. 17 June 19. Ireland July 19-1922.

4th - India 1 Dec 14. Burma 10 Dec 14 - 'D' Company to Andaman Islands. Singaore 10 Feb 15 to deal with mutiny of 5th Light Infantry. Hong Kong 28 Mar 15 'B' and 'H' only. 2 May 15 details to Kelantan, Malaya to deal with uprising. Bn. concentrated by Apr 17. Colombo 19 Apr 17. South Africa 30 may 17 until 29 June 17. France and Flanders 29 Jul 17.

5th - France and Flanders 20 May 15, disbanded in France 4 Feb 18. 1916 - 14th (Light) Division, 42nd Brigade.

6th - France and Flanders 22 July 15. 1916 - 20th (Light) Division, 60th Brigade.

7th - France and Flanders 28 Sept 15. 1916 - 3rd Division, 8th Brigade.

8th - France and Flanders 5 Sept 15. Salonika 6 Nov 15. Absorbed by the 2nd Bn. in Salonika 29 Nov 18.

10th Formed in Egypt from the Cheshire and Shropshire Yeomanry regiments on 2 Mar 17. 10th (Shropshire & Chesire Yeomanry) Bn. was part of 231st Infantry Brigade, 74th (Yeomanry) Division, XXI Corps. Palestine 1917-18. France and Flanders 7 May 18.

August-September 1914 - B.E.F., III Corps (Pulteney), 6th Division (Keir), 16th Brigade included 1/KSLI.

1920 - The King's Shropshire Light Infantry

1919-1939 K.S.L.I. consists of two Regular Battalions - 1st and 2nd - and the 4th (Territorial) Battalion. Herefordshire Regiment reformed and remained within the Corps of the K.S.L.I.

1st Battalion goes to India until 1938, 2nd Battalion in Ireland and Germany, returned to England in 1927

1939-1940 - B.E.F. First Corps (Lt-General M. G. H. Barker), 1st Division (Major-General Hon. H. R. L. G. Alexander), 3rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Bn King's Shropshire Light Infantry.

1939-1945 - by 1940 Corps of the K.S.L.I. consists of two Regular Battalions, the 4th and 5th T.A. Battalions, the 1st and 2nd Herefordshire (T.A.) and the 6th and 7th K.S.L.I. Service Battalions. They saw service in N. W. Europe, N. Africa, Italy, Syria and Palestine. The 6th and 7th Battalions were converted into Artillery. 48 Battle Honours were earned.

1944 - Jan. - Apr. - 1st Battalion at Anzio as part of 3rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. D-Day - 2nd Bn. landed on Sword Beach, 3rd Division (Major General Thomas Rennie), 185th Brigade.

1947 - Herefordshire Regiment becomes The Herefordshire Light Infantry

1948 - 1st and 2nd Battalions amalgamated.

1951 - to Korea for 1 year - arrived May 1951, departed September 1952. In July 1951 the 1st KSLI was part of the 28th BR, Commonwealth BDE.

1955 - to Kenya for operations against Mau Mau

1958 - to Bahrein in Persian Gulf during Suez Canal crisis then to England

two years in England in Strategic Reserve at Cholchester

1961 - Munster, Germany for three years

1964 - Plymouth, two companies to British Honduras

1966 - move to Singapore and in 1967 to Malaysia, became part of Commonwealth Brigade in 1968, companies rotated in Mauritius

1968 - Light Infantry.

The Light Infantry (LI), was formed on Vesting Day 10 July 1968 from the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (51st Foot & 105th Foot), the King's Shropshire Light Infantry (53rd Foot & 85th Foot), the Durham Light Infantry (68th Foot & 106th Foot) and the Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry to form the Light Infantry in the Light Division.


Still the largest infantry regiment in the Order of Battle, there are six Light Infantry Battalions today.

The Light Infantry



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