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polo.gif (214189 bytes)

"1st Shrop. L.I. Polo team. Malta 1887. Rich (?) Been. Cavendish. Jenkins. Peyton."  Photo Courtesy of Jan van der Wal, Almelo. Holland.

KSLIgrp.jpg (94106 bytes)Can we identify anyone other than the Sergeant in the middle with the glasses...who was the father of Bill Nash (GSG) Nash 4105530 Sgt (1942 Lt))? Other obvious question arise: When, Where, Why.
Todd Mills suggests this is a company NCO & Officers Group photo 1939 to 1941. Which company? Photo Courtesy of Bill Nash

ArmyKSLIgroup.JPG (184287 bytes)Here is a great group photo - circa W.W. 1 - Photo Courtesy of Keith Alcock


ksli67a.jpg (120574 bytes)Anti-Tank Platoon KSLI - taken when they were in Malaya 1967, they were part of the 28th Commonwealth Brigade stationed in Terendak Camp. Photo Courtesy of George Green.

Back Row (Standing) L to R:
Ptes. Hambleton, Bratt, Steventon, Worthington, Coles, Randall, Rose, Sowerby, Hanratty, Holloway.
3rd Row (Standing) L to R: Pte. Jennings, L/Cpl. England, Ptes. Smith 88, Robinson, Smith 93, Massey, Wilson, L/Cpl. Green, Pte. Goodhead.
2nd Row (Sitting) L to R: Cpls. Ford, Smith, Sgts. Wilson, Bound, Capt. G. J. Cleland, Sgt. Perks, Cpls. Power, Nicholas.
Front Row (Sitting) L to R: Ptes. Lister, Mason.

 KSLI2.jpg (125874 bytes) KSLI1.jpg (69671 bytes) KSLI3.jpg (128333 bytes)

Middle: The clerical staff of the Bn. Taken outside the RSM's office, facing the square.
The only names I can now recall are:

Back row 6 ? Pugh,

Middle Row: 1st left Pte W Davidson 3rd is Pte ?, 4th Guy Kennedy, Ord 6th C Myers

Front Row 1 LCpl Mick Beasley, 2 Cpl Bill Wootton, 3 ORQMS Worthen, 5 Sgt Farr Sitting 6 Cpl P Tobin

Left: May?? have been vesting day, 10 July 1968. Capt Bevan, Adjutant, nearest the camera. The square at Terendak.

Right: As above, Maj Colin Ryder OC HQ Coy leading.

Photos courtesy of Guy Kennedy who served with 1KSLI / 3LI whilst they were at Terendak. 

KSLI sgts mess.jpg (163388 bytes)

Sgts Mess, 1st Battalion K.S.L.I. Hong Kong March 1950. Some of the names are in the wrong order, as I know my Grandad Sgt Albert Cottey is in a different position to that shown.

 KSLI barb wire HK.jpg (213834 bytes)

NCO's in Hong Kong some time between 1950 and 1953.
I also have a 1938 picture of no 13 platoon D 1st Bn, the original is a bit poor due to sticky tape and 62 years of neglect.  Above two photos courtesy of Mark Thomas

Shropshire Light Infantry Memorial, Shrewsbury
Courtesy of Ian Beach.

Private Arthur (Nick) Carter served in the KSLI for 50 years from 1901-1951. He saw active service during the Boer War in South Africa and also in France during the First World War. On his left arm he is wearing ten good conduct stripes, the most ever awarded to anyone in the British Army. When he was discharged in 1951 he was the oldest serving soldier and had remained a private soldier from his own choice. Talking to Private Carter is the Earl of Povis, who was Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire. To his left is Major General Grover, and on the far right is Lt. Col. Shaw-Ball. After Private Carter was discharged, he lived in a rented room opposite his old Barracks.


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