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Extracted from The Medals Year Book - 1995 Edition - current editions of The Medals Year Book are available from The Naval & Military Press, 1 Old Bond Street, London W1X 3TD

This medal was awarded to those who took part in the defence of Jellalabad between November 1841 and April 1842. The fighting was part of the First Afghan War, which began when the British envoy was murdered in Kabul and several British garrisons, including Jellalabad, were attacked. The garrison consisted of the 13th Foot, one regiment of Bengal NI, and several other detachments of Indian and loyal Afghan troops; in all about 2,600. The first (`Mural Crown') issue of this medal, minted in Calcutta, was thought to be too crude, and a second issue was minted in London. An exchange was offered to recipients, but only a handful received the second type, making it rarer than the first.

First Type

This type, known as the `Mural Crown', had a crown and inscription on the obverse, with the date of the relief of the garrison on the reverse. The ribbon is of watered red, white, yellow, white and blue, and the suspension was straight and fixed to the rim. The award is found named in several styles, sometimes on the edge and sometimes on the obverse. Whilst examples are seen with engraved naming, those to the 13th Foot, named at the expense of the Commanding Officer, are usually impressed on the edge. The award, which is scarce, was issued in silver and without clasps.

Second Type

The second type, known as the `Flying Victory', had the head of Queen Victoria on the obverse with the legend `Victoria Vindex' or, rarely, `Victoria Regina'. The reverse depicts the figure of Victory flying over the fort at Jellalabad. The ribbon is similar to that used on the first type, although the suspension is different, being straight with a steel clip and pin attachment. The naming on this type is usually by impressing on the edge.

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S.L.I. Collar Badge

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3rd Battalion, S.L.I.


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