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Cpl. 2686 Henry ELPHICK (1852-1861) being researched by Phyll Clover.

Sergeant Bernard KNOWLES (1920-1943) being researched by Steven Knowles - photograph.

Cpl. R. S. W. Martin (1914- ) being researched by Valerie Martin - photograph.

Edna S. Jellicoe

I need help, I am trying to locate my grandfathers military history. He served in the SLI from 1922 to 1945. We think he was injured at the battle of El Alamein, but are not sure because he would never talk about it. He served in India, Egypt and Gibraltar.

His name was William Cornish RSM. Born 1903 and was from Somerset UK I can get photo's. He did receive medals, but were stolen before he died, he died in 1973. What other info do I need? and what do I do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Thomas

My grandmother had three brothers who enlisted during WW1, two of them did not return. One, Samuel Herbert Davy died of blood poisoning aboard HMS Assaye on his way to the front and was buried at sea on October 16th 1915. Another, Frederick Tom Davy, (who I know was in the SLI) died from wounds received in action in Belgium on August 18, 1917 and is interred at the Soldiers Cemetery, Dozinghem, Belgium. I would very much like to visit his grave one day. The Third, Reginald Frank Davy served with the Dorset Regiment in Mesopotamia, and I have a photograph of him while there.

My godfather William George Gundry, 42247, also served with the SLI during WW1, and I am in posession of 2 medals that were sent to him from Exeter after the war at his home near Bridport in Dorset - they are still in their original box and postal envelope! I think they are service medals - the box has 'B.WAR and VICTORY' stamped on the front.

I am conducting research into my family tree and would be very grateful for any information you could let me have on any of the above, particularly H.M.S. Assaye and especially details on the Soldiers Cemetery at Dozinghem.

I have a few photographs and access to a few others if they would be of any interest to you.


Saturday, 18 August, 2007 11:21

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