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Army List 1955

corrected generally to 15th November, 1954

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Regular Army


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Case, R. T.     19/11/53

Harding, P. St. V.    15/6/54

Clinton, G. W. T.    5/7/54


Cantan, P. H.     18/12/48

Feild, R. I. (T/Capt. 27/8/53) (att'd Para)    15/7/50

Downes, E. D. (T/Capt. 15/11/52)    21/10/50

Terry, C. M.     12/4/51

Goodhand, D. E.     14/7/51

Higgs, R. J.     14/7/51

Brown, P. S. C.    28/10/51

Hodder, T. J. C.     22/7/52

Pedley, J. (att'd Para)9/2/53

French, J. G.     9/2/53

Stevens, W. H.    3/8/53

Peters-Dickie, J. N. R.     3/8/53

Rowe, A. P.     8/2/54

Robertson, I. M.    22/6/54

Gilliat, M. D. A.     1/8/54

2nd Lieutenants.

Clarke, A. L. St. G. S.    6/2/53

Higgs, V. P. H.    31/7/53

Lamb, M. W. W.    31/7/53

Southerst, R. G.    12/2/54

Lupton, T. D.    12/2/54

Corringham, J. M.    6/8/54


Hill, A. G., D.C.M.    17/9/46

maj.    27/9/50

Edwards, W., M.B.E.    27/11/47

maj.     25/12/51

Croucher, A. R., M.B.E.    15/1/51

maj.     3/7/54

Pine, S. F.    lt. 24/7/54

Regular Army
Short Service Officers


Elliott, H. G. (Emp. List (4))     14/10/44

Prowse, R. (Emp. List (4))    24/12/48

Rorke, G., M.C. (T/Maj. 1/7/53) (Emp. List (4))    6/7/49

Linton, E. E. (Emp. List (4))    7/3/50

Treverton, D. B. (Emp. List (4))    13/10/51


Mander, R. N.     1/4/50

Margetts, D. A.    22/3/54

2nd Lieutenants.

Evans, A. E.    14/2/53

Middleton, P. L. C.    1/8/53

Parker, D. C.    13/3/54

Matthews, S. M.    28/8/54


Gallagher, M. E. C. (Emp. List (4)) 18/5/44

maj. 7/10/53

Yeomans, A. H. (Emp. List (4)) 30/7/45

capt. 8/4/51

Regular Army
National Service Officers

2nd Lieutenants

Walding, R. M. W.    4/10/52

Tidmarsh, J. N.    14/3/53

Saunders, C. N.    11/7/53

Kent, C. W. H.    25/7/53

Law, A. B.    22/8/53

Drake, F. W.    24/10/53

Ballance, D. K.    5/12/53

Rose, J. R.     23/1/54

Innes, J. D.     23/1/54

Rutter, J. A. M.    6/2/54

Ashton, S. C.    27/2/54

Nation, D. L.     10/4/54

Croggon, W. R.     1/5/54

Hogben, J. G. H.     1/5/54

Mitchell, P. J. B.     13/5/54

Cooper, R. W. M.    29/5/54

Reep, L. B.    26/6/54

Territorial Army

Hon. Colonel.

Willyams, E. N., D.S.O., D.L., J.P.    16/9/47


Drewitt, G. B., T.D.    20/3/51

Buchanan, P.C., M.C., T.D.    20/3/54


Watton, W. V., T.D.    1/7/50

Barnes, C. L., M.C., T.D., p.s.c    1/12/51

Bennetts, G. V.    26/11/51

Jobson, T. H. (Res. of Off.)    25/4/52

Brewer, J. B., T. D.    1/5/52

Gregory, E.    18/10/52

Farley, W. J.     1/1/53

Bolitho, S. E., M.C. (s.c.) (Res. of Off.)    3/11/53


Stericker, P., T.D.    1/5/47

Scannall, A. F.    4/8/49

Graham-Vivian, H. R.    1/10/50

Tremayne, D.     1/2/51

Todd, E. D.    1/4/52

Baker, K. F.    14/6/53


Bennett, D. M. N. (A/Capt. 12/6/54)    22/3/51

Webber, A. S.    29/2/52

Innes, A. T. W.    8/5/52

2nd Lieutenants.

Meadows, A. (A/Lt. 12/6/53)    3/11/51

Thomas, N. D.     10/3/53

Price, D. S. J.    11/7/54

Territorial Army National Service Officers


Dearlove, J. A.    16/12/51

Hennessy, T. M.    20/12/53

Law, J. M. B.    13/5/54

2nd Lieutenants

Shuttleworth, P. A., M.C. (A/Lt. 16/1/53)    28/4/51

Herrington, H. R. (A/Lt. 19/6/53)    6/10/51

Gooch, A. M. (A/Lt. 19/6/53)    22/10/51

Donne, J. E. (A/Lt. 7/8/53)    24/11/51

Longden, J. S.    22/12/51

Graham, N. W. (A/Lt. 13/6/54)    4/10/52

Bradley, M. V. S. (A/Lt. 4/7/54)    1/11/52

May, D. M. (A/Lt. 18/7/54)    1/11/52

Maddock, K. J. (A/Lt. 12/8/54)    6/12/52

Thomas, D. C. (A/Lt. 12/9/54)    10/1/53

Davidson, J. L.     2/5/53

Collingridge, T. H.    30/5/53

Brewer, J. W. T.     13/6/53

Hunt, D. B.    10/7/54

Units of the Home Guard Affiliated

1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th Cornwall H. G. Bns

Units of the Army Cadet Force Affiliated

1st Cadet Bn., Cornwall A.C.F.

3rd Cadet Bn., Cornwall A.C.F.

4th Cadet Bn., Cornwall A.C.F.

Probus School (Ind.) Coy.

Serving officers, other than those holding permanent commissions, who served prior to 3rd September, 1939, in a theatre of operations for which a campaign star or medal has been awarded, or who, subsequent to 3rd September, 1939, have been mentioned in despatches, or awarded a decoration in respect of service in such a theatre.





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