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Succession of Colonels 1702 - 1958

extracted from "The Succession of Colonels of the British Army From 1660 to the Present Day" by N. B. Leslie


Col. Edward Fox
Killed at Gibraltar

12 Dec 1702

Brig-Gen. Jacob Borr

5 Dec 1704

Brig-Gen. Charles Dubourgay

28 Jun 1723

Brig-Gen. Thomas Paget
Also 22nd Ft.

28 Jul 1732

Col. Simon Descury

15 Dec 1738

Gen. John Huske
Also 23rd Ft.

25 Dec 1740

Lt-Gen. Henry Skelton
Also 12th Ft.

27 Aug 1743

Brig-Gen. William Douglas

29 May 1745

Gen. Francis Leighton

1 Dec 1747

Col. Robert Robinson

11 Jun 1773

Lt-Gen. William Amherst
MP. Hythe 1766-68; Launceston 1768-74. Adjutant General 1778-81.

18 Oct 1775

Gen. Sir Ralph Gore 6th Bt 1st Earl of Ross
Commander-in-Chief, Ireland

17 May 1781

Gen. James Ogilvie
Also 89th Ft.

4 Sep 1802

Gen. Alexander Campbell
Also 13th Ft; 7th West India Regt.

15 Feb 1813

Lt-Gen. Sir Samuel Venables Hinde KCB
Also 98th Ft.

28 Feb 1832

Gen. Sir Robert Macfarlane KCB GCH
Also 89th Ft.

26 Sep 1837

Lt-Gen. Sir John Buchan KCB
Also 95th Ft.

12 Jun 1843

Lt-Gen. Sir Richard Armstrong KCB
Also 95th Ft. C-in-C, Madras 1851-53

25 Jun 1850

Gen. Sir Willoughby Cotton GCB KCH
Also 98th Ft. C-in-C, Bombay 1847-50

17 Apr 1854

Maj-Gen. Sir John Eardley Wilmot Inglis KCB
Commanded at the Residency, Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny 1850-53

5 May 1860

Gen. Henry Dundas 3rd Viscount Melville GCB
Also 60th Rifles; 100th Ft.

28 Sep 1862

Gen. Sir George Brown GCB KH
Also 7th Ft; 77th Ft; Rifle Brigade. Adjutant General 1850-53

1 Apr 1863

Lt-Gen William George Gold
Also 53rd Ft.

28 Aug 1865

Gen. Sir George Bell KCB
Also 1st Ft; 104th Ft.

2 Feb 1867

Lt-Gen. Lord Frederick Paulet CB

3 Aug 1868

Gen. Sir William Jones GCB

2 Jan 1871


Brig-Gen. John Price

13 Jan 1741

Lt-Gen. Hon. Thomas Murray

23 Jun 1743

Gen. Sir William Howe 5th Viscount Howe KB

21 Nov 1764

Lt-Gen. Hon. Sir John Vaughan KB

11 May 1775

Gen. Sir James Henry Craig KB

1 Aug 1795

Gen. John Whyte

5 Jan 1804

Gen. Henry Wynyard

1 Apr 1816

Lt-Gen. Sir John Keane 1st Lord Keane GCB GCH

6 Apr 1838

Lt-Gen. John Ross CB

1 Aug 1839

Gen. Sir John Hamilton Dalrymple Bt 8th Earl of Stair KT

31 May 1843

Lt-Gen. Richard Egerton CB

24 Jan 1853

Gen. Sir John Lysaght Pennefather GCB

19 Nov 1854

Lt-Gen. John Geddes KH

13 Feb 1860

Gen. Thomas Gerrard Ball

24 Apr 1860

Lt-Gen. Sir Charles Ash Windham KCB

17 Jun 1861

Lt-Gen. Edward Hungerford Delaval Elers Napier

3 Feb 1870

Gen. Charles Stuart

20 Jun1870

32nd & 46th

Gen. Sir William Jones GCB 1st Bn.

2 Jan 1871

Gen. Charles Stuart 2nd Bn.

20 Jun 1870

Gen. John Thomas Hill

8 Apr 1890

Lt-Gen. Granville George Chetwynd-Stapelton

16 Apr 1902

Lt-Gen. Sir Reginald Pole-Carew KCB CVO

28 Apr 1915

Lt-Gen. Sir Harold Bridgwood Walker KCB KCMG DSO

12 May 1923

Brig-Gen. Martin Newman Turner CB CMG CBE

26 Apr 1932

Gen. Sir Walter King Venning GCB CMG CBE MC

29 Jun 1935

Gen. Sir Daril Gerard Watson GCB CBE MC

17 Jan 1947

Maj-Gen. Vyvyan Evelegh CB DSO OBE

18 Oct 1953

Maj-Gen. Robert Burrell Frederick Kinglake Goldsmith CB CBE

27 Aug 1958


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