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Commanding Officers of the 32nd Light Infantry from 1818 to 1876

extracted from "Records and Badges of the British Army, 1900" by Henry M Chichester and George Burges-Short

1818    Hon. John Maitland, C.B.

Commanded the regiment during the Rebellion in Canada. Died in command of the regiment, January, 1839, in London, Canada.

1839    Thomas Henry Wingfield

Commanded the regiment for three years, and retiring by sale, died in 1858.

1842    Frederick Markham, C.B., Aide-de-camp to the Queen

Educated at Westminster, and joined the 32nd as Ensign in 1814, purchasing the Lieutenant-Colonelcy in 1842. Served in Canada during the rebellion, receiving three wounds. Took the regiment to India. Commanded 2nd Infantry Brigade at siege of Mooltan -- wounded; and at Goojerat. C.B., Aide-de-camp to the Queen. In March, 1854, appointed Adjutant-General in India, and then obtained command of the Peshawur division, but was recalled for a command in the Crimea. Appointed to 2nd division before Sebastopol, and commanded it at the final assault on the Redan. His health then broke down, and returning home he died in London, 21st December. 1855. Monument to his memory by officers of the 32nd in Morland Parish Church, Penrith.

1848    Henry Vaughan Brooke, C.B., Aide-de-camp to the Queen

Commanded the regiment at the siege of Mooltan and battle of Goojerat. C.B. Exchanged to Scots Fusilier Guards in 1857, and retired in 1858. Died at Holyhead. September, 1858, aged 50.

1857    John Eardley Wilmot Inglis

Joined 32nd as Ensign in 1839, and served with regiment in Canada during the rebellion, and in Punjaub campaign, succeeded to the command of the left attack before Mooltan, on the death of Lieut.-Colonel Pattoun. Commanded the regiment at storm and capture of Mooltan, and at Goojerat. Brevet LieutenantColonel. In command of the regiment at Lucknow on the outbreak of the Mutiny, and immortalised himself by the defence of the Residency. Succeeded to the command when Lawrence was mortally wounded, and defended the place until relieved by Havelock. Specially promoted Major-General 26th September, 1857, and made K.C.B. Appointed Colonel of the regiment May, 1860, and died at Hamburg, 27th September, 1862, aged 47.

            John Thomas Hill

Served in the regiment from 1827 to 1848, exchanging as 2nd Lieutenant-Colonel in September, 1847 to the 21st Fusiliers. As a general officer he was appointed Hon. Colonel of the regiment in 1890.

            Richard Tyrrell Robert Pattoun

Exchanged into the regiment from the 21st Fusiliers as junior Lieutenant-Colonel in September, 1847, and was killed at the siege of Mooltan.

            Charles Assheton Fitzhardinge Berkeley

Exchanged into the regiment in 1857, from the Scots Fusilier Guards, with Colonel Brooke. Military secretary to his father, Sir Geo. Berkeley, in the Kaffir War. With the guards in the Crimea; severely wounded at the Alma. Military secretary to Sir James Outram in the Mutiny. Died September 25th, 1858.

1857    James Dodington Carmichael, C.B.

Joined as Lieutenant in 1841, wounded at Mooltan, and present at Goojerat. Served with regiment against hill tribes on the frontier in 1851-2. Commanded the regiment during a portion of the Mutiny, and had a column in the final operations under Lord Clyde. C.B. Brought the regiment home in 1859, and left in 1860. Retired by sale.

1858    Edward William Delancy Lowe, C.B.

Joined in 1837 and served at Mooltan and Goojerat. Commanded the 32nd during the defence of the Lucknow Residency-severely wounded. Commanded the regiment at the defeat of the Gwalior rebels at Cawnpore, and in later operations, C.B., Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel. Promoted junior Lieutenant-Colonel, September, 1858. Transferred to 21st Fusiliers 1859. Major-General Lowe died in 1880.

1860    Granville George Chetwynd Staplyton

Served in the 13th and 98th regiments, joining 32nd as Major, in February, 1860. He purchased the command in September following, and remained with the regiment until July, 1866. In after years Hon. Colonel 2nd Queen's. He went through the first Afghan War under General Sale.

1866    Patrick Johnston

Joined the regiment as Lieutenant-Colonel, after nearly 30 years' service in the 99th, with which he went through the New Zealand War. Took the regiment to South Africa, and retired on pension in 1869 as Hon. Major-General. Deceased in 1900.

1869    Hon. Bernard Matthew Ward

Served with 47th regiment in the Crimean War and joined the 32nd as Major,  in January, 1864, purchasing the Lieutenant-Colonelcy in June, 1869, remaining in command until March, 1876. Afterwards commanded brigade depot at Armagh, 1876-81. Lieutenant-General, retired in 1900.

1876    Hon. Raymond Harvey de Montmorency

Served with 33rd at siege and fall of Sebastopol, attack on Redan, and in Indian Mutiny. Joined 32nd as Captain, September, 1861. Served in Abyssinian campaign. Commanded 32nd, June, 1 876 -81, and Regimental District, 1882-5. Commanded frontier field force in Soudan and on the Nile in 1889. Commanded a division in India. Was retired in 1900. General Viscount Frankfort de Montmorency.

Commanding Officers of the 46th Regiment from 1814 to 1876

1814    Alexander Campbell, C.B., Aide-de-camp to the Queen

1839    Andrew Clarke, K.H.

Commanded the regiment for six years, and retired by sale on appointment as Lieutenant-Governor of West Australia. where be died two years later.

1845    Robert Garrett, K.H.      

Educated at Harrow. Served with 2nd Queen's in the Peninsula, and was wounded at Salamanca, and again severely in the Pyrenees. In 1834, after 15 years on half pay (!), he was brought into the 46th as Major, and purchased the command in May, 1845. Took the regiment to the Crimea. and commanded a brigade before Sebastopol. " A familiar and well-remembered figure in the trenches," and finally commanded a division in the war. Sir Robert Garrett died in June, 1869, aged 75, Hon. Colonel 43rd Light Infantry.

1854    Alexander Maxwell

Joined the regiment as Major in 1835, purchasing all his steps up to and including Major. Promoted junior Lieutenant-Colonel December, 1854, and commanded the regiment at the siege of Sebastopol. Took the regiment to India, and remained in command until February, 1860. Major-General 1869. Deceased in 1900.

1860    Arthur George Vesey

Joined as Ensign in 1835. Served at siege and fall of Sebastopol, and was promoted junior Lieutenant-Colonel August, 1858. Died in command in October, 1868.

1868    Colin Fred Campbell

Served with the regiment at the siege of Sebastopol, and was wounded in the trenches-Brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel. Died October, 1868. He has left an interesting record of his services in the Crimea.

1868    Charles Parker Catty

Rendered good service in the Kaffir War as Commandant of "Catty's Rifles." Commanded the regiment from October, 1868, to May, 1876, when he retired on pension. Hon. Major-General in 1900.

1876    Robert Bennett

Adjutant of the 63rd at Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman -- severely wounded and horse shot - and siege of Sebastopol. Appointed to the 46th as Major, in March, 1872. and commanded the regiment from July 1876, to 1881.

Commanding Officers of the Linked Battalions from 1881 to 1900

1881    Henry Sparke Stabb

Joined the regiment in April, 1856. Adjutant of the 32nd during the Indian Mutiny, and employed as a special officer in the Zulu campaign. Commanded the regiment June, 1881 to 1886.

1881    William Stewart Richardson, C.B.

Served with 43rd in Central Indian campaign. Exchanged to 46th as Captain, in 1859, and commanded the regiment July, 1881, to 1885. Commanded the regiment in Egyptian campaign of 1882 - severely wounded at Tel-el-Kebir - C.B. Also served with the Nile Expedition. Hon. Major-General, retired pay in 1900.

1885    Frank Grieve

Joined 46th in February, 1855, and served with it at siege and fall of Sebastopol, and in the Egyptian campaign of 1882. Commanded 2nd Battalion July, 1885, to 1889.

1886    George Clayton Swiney

Served with Bengal Cavalry in Indian Mutiny, joining the 32nd as Captain in 1866, from the Carabineers. Aide-de-camp to Sir Henry Barkly at the Cape. 1870-73. Commanded 1st Battalion, July, 1886, to 1887. Colonel, retired pay in 1900.

1887    John George Beresford Stopford

Joined 32nd in 1867, as Captain, from the 8th Hussars. Aide-decamp to Governor Barkly at the Cape, 1873-77. Commanded 1st Battalion, July, 1887, to 1891. Retired pay in 1900.

1889    William Edward Roberts

Served in the 7th Fusiliers and Welsh Regiment from 1862 to 1882, and was appointed from half pay to command the 2nd Battalion in July, 1889, to 1893. Retire pay in 1900.

1891    Francis Henry Disney-Roebuck

Joined the 46th as Captain, in July, 1870, from the 83rd. Served with the regiment in the Egyptian War, and commanded the 1st Battalion July, 1891, to 1895. Colonel, half-pay in 1900.

1893    William Barrington Browne

Joined the 46th as Ensign, in January, 1868. Was with it in the Tel-el-Kebir campaign-brevet of Major-and commanded the 2nd Battalion July., 1893, to December, 1896. Retired pay in 1900.

1895    Charles Frederick Alexander Turnbull

Joined 32nd as Ensign, in March, 1866. Aide-de-camp to General Lysons at Aldershot, and to General Fielding at Malta. Commanded 1st Battalion, July, 1895 to October, 1898.

1896    Henry Parry Carden

Joined 46th as Ensign, in June, 1874, and served in the Egyptian campaign of 1882-wounded at Kassassin -- and in the Nile Expedition. 1884-5. Brevet of Major. Commanded 2nd Battalion, December, 1896, to October, 1898.

1898    William Aldworth, D.S.O.

Brought in to command 2nd Battalion October, 1898, from Major in the Bedford Regiment, in which he had served for over 24 years. Served on the staff in the Burmese Expedition, 1885-86 - D. S. O. Served also in the Isazair Expedition, Chitral campaign, and in the Tirah Expedition-Brevet of LieutenantColonel. Holds the Staff College certificate. 



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